Learn more about your coach.

I first started paying attention to my health and nutrition when I was 16-years-old. At the time, I wanted to learn more about what it meant to eat healthier and exercise more frequently. I started with reading. A LOT. I would read anything I could about nutrition. For the longest time, this worked and I did what I could on my own, but in 2016 I decided to really dial in on my nutrition and see what results I could achieve.

It was during this period that I decided the next step for my nutrition would be to start working with a one-on-one nutrition coach. Not only did my coach give me the tools I needed to understand the right foods and portions for my body, but they also acted as my accountability partner and helped me feel confident in making nutrition choices based on listening to my body.

Fast forward to today and my story has continued to evolve as I was diagnosed with insulin resistance PCOS, and was told by a fertility doctor that he would be highly shocked if I got pregnant naturally. But with patience two years later I did! Majority of my pregnancy was great but I did have gestational diabetes. I was at higher risk because I was already insulin resistant but was able to keep it under control through diet alone. 

Today I’m a busy, hardworking mom who has had to adjust my approach to nutrition with my new lifestyle but I’ve made it work! 

I’ve had such a journey with nutrition and fitness over the years and love using that personal experience and the knowledge base I’ve gained along the way to help others find the same success in a way that works for them. I work with people with many different goals and backgrounds. From women with hasimotos who need help cleaning up their diet to feel better, to busy moms who are trying to learn nutrition on the go and finally make themselves a priority. 

I want to help others discover the same change in mindset and confidence in eating foods to nourish their bodies that I did throughout my own personal health and nutrition journey. To make it easier for you to step away from the same place I was in (afraid of the scale, anxiety about social events or eating out in general). So, whether you’re aiming to lean out, gain weight, perform better in the gym or generally learn more about how to eat for your body, I’d love to talk to you and help you get started with Arnold Nutrition Coaching!

I am a WAG certified Nutrition Coach in flexible dieting, keto and pregnancy. I choose the WAG certification because not only is it based on science but it’s also based on people. It taught me how to be an actual coach and work with people to establish goals and healthy habits. Because all of the nutrition knowledge in the world still doesn’t make for a great coach! Therefore the training on goal setting, creating habits, different client personalities and the other mental aspects of health was just as important to me than expanding my knowledge on the science and I can’t wait to share it with you!